Earth Token Pre-Sale starts in

Token Offer Details


NameEarth Token
Ticker SymbolEARTH
TypeEthereum ERC20


Pre-Sale17 November 2017 12:00 GMT
Token Sale24 November 2017 12:00 GMT
Duration21 days


Pre-Sale5,200 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH
(30% Bonus)
Week 14,800 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH
(20% Bonus)
Week 24,400 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH
(10% Bonus)
Week 34,000 per 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH

Minimum purchase: 0.0625 BTC / 1 ETH

Maximum 1 billion tokens.

Earth Tokens will be fully transferable and exchangeable, and will be listed on selected exchanges once distributed. Token holders will be free to buy and sell Earth Tokens once they are listed.

Token and Funding Allocations

60% of the tokens will be sold publicly.

The balance are for 3rd party service providers to Token Sale, Token Sale logistics and technology platform partners, founders, stakeholders, advisors, early contributors, Earth Token reserve, market making, liquidity, incentives for contractors and suppliers. The emission (vesting + cliff) shall be: 50% at time of distribution, thereafter 25% every 6 months.

Tier 1 - 40,000 ETH

Natural Asset Exchange development, deployment and company funding to support development and growth of public platform.

Tier 2 - 200,000 ETH

Establishment of Project and Strategic Acquisitions Investment Fund to facilitate project investments which create demand on the Natural Asset Exchange.

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