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Natural Asset Exchange Marketplace

A simple solution to a complex problem

Climate Asset Exchange

The Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and Earth Token cryptocurrency initial coin offering (ICO) token sale provides a unique opportunity to truly transform the Natural Capital Asset market, by creating a Natural Asset Marketplace that allows all stakeholders in the climate value chain to participate.

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Demand Side Solutions

The solutions described below serve to drive demand for Natural Assets via the provision of our unique environmental sustainability solutions. Our technology enables our clients to address climate change adaptation, and create differentiated value that helps them build brand equity & increase market share.

Carbon Mitigation

Together with supply-side partners, we have enabled organizations of all sizes to compensate for negative effects on the environment resulting from their business operations, since 2009.

Our technology platforms and business models allow clients to identify and apportion environmental impacts and mitigation efforts to specific activities associated with producing a product or providing a service.

Once mitigation mechanisms and associated costs have been determined, our solution allows clients to engage their customers in their efforts, distributing the burden and opportunity of being environmentally responsible with all that want to participate, extending the reach and increasing the impact of those efforts across their value chain.

Climate Neutral Fuel

Our Climate Neutral Fuel solution is a turnkey approach to fuel management that increases the operational efficiency of internal combustion equipment, such as vehicles, generators and other assets vital to business and industry.

Combining proven technologies with asset monitoring and management capabilities results in increased fuel efficiency, reduced fuel costs and reduction in harmful emissions associated with the combustion of fuel. An integrated mitigation mechanism also allows customers to compensate for residual emissions.

Customers typically experience a net financial gain by deploying our Climate Neutral Fuel solution resulting in savings they could use to fund additional environmental sustainability efforts.


Waste-to-energy is the process of generating energy from primary waste materials by creating synthetic fuels from those materials and using that fuel to create energy.

In conjunction with a strategic business partner, we provide gasification plants capable of converting carbon-containing feedstock such as biomass, coal or municipal solid waste into synthetic gas (Syngas).

The Syngas produced is a clean, dry, flexible fuel which can be burned to create heat and electricity. It can also be passed through different catalysts to produce fluids such as alcohols and transportation fuels, including clean burning diesel, or used to supply pure hydrogen gas which could be used across multiple applications in various industries.

Company Details

Organisation Name

impactChoice Ltd

Registration Number

087692 C1/GBL

Date of Incorporation

17 April 2009

Legal Jurisdiction

Republic of Mauritius

Company Type

Category 1 Global Business License

Financial Year

1 July to 30 June

Company Secretary

Intercontinental Trust

Audit & Tax Filing partner

Margeot & Associates

Registered Address

Level 3, Alexander House, 35 Cybercity,
Ebene 72201, Mauritius

The Team

Angus Rowe


Co-founder & Chairman of impactChoice. Angus is also an Executive Director in a number of other companies and non-profit organisations.

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Company Direction from the Graduate Institute of Management Technology and has attended the Owner/President Management Executive Education course at Harvard Business School.

Angus Rowe
Angus Rowe LinkedIn

Leonard Harley

Co-founder, Managing Director,
IT Director

A self-taught coder since the age of 14, Len has strong strategic appreciation and vision, enabling him to build and implement sophisticated systems based on a proven track record explicitly supporting business needs.

He is self-driven and self-reliant, sets goals and targets, and leads by example through a collaborative approach with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others through change.

Leonard Harely
Leonard Harley LinkedIn

Peter Newell

Operations Director,
Acting Financial Director

Peter has a strong background in financial services with a focus on customer service having spent over 10 years as the team leader of Corporate Advice and Customer Care teams.

He holds a BCom in Management from the University of South Africa and has completed the Leadership Development Programme from the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Peter Newell
Peter Newell LinkedIn

Allan Saunders

Marketing Director,
Product Development Director

Allan is a seasoned product management and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience bringing leading-edge technologies to market. He spent 10 years at Oracle and 5 years at Microsoft in various Product Management and Marketing roles, often leading initiatives to launch new flagship products and solutions.

Allan holds a Master’s Diploma in Technology and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Information Systems and Business Administration.

Allan Saunders
Allan Saunders LinkedIn

Dennis Stone


Dennis is a qualified Ceramic Technologist, spending the first 8 years of his career focused on developing heat resistant solutions for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous industries.

His success in solar thermal & PV has led to a focus on Micro-Grid solutions, specifically the integration of Waste to Energy, Solar PV, Grid, Battery and Generator Backup projects to provide cost effective solutions.

Dennis Stone
Dennis Stone LinkedIn

Jason Berry


Jason is a technology strategist and true engineer, always needing to know exactly how things work. He has a unique ability to take highly applicable innovations into rapidly changing environments, with the discipline to make decisions today that have the highest probability of success in the future.

Jason has a BSc Electrical engineering and is also the holder of several patents.

Jason Berry
Jason Berry LinkedIn

Wes Carlson


Wes is a Bitcoin and Crypto-currency enthusiast having discovered Bitcoin in 2012. He immediately identified the potential of both blockchain technologies & crypto currencies to disrupt the status quo in virtually every industry.

Among other business interests he also provides Crypto-currency & Blockchain consulting to those wishing to leverage this ground breaking technology.

Wes Carlson
Wes Carlson LinkedIn

Carrington Phillip


Carey is presently the CEO of Moya Telecoms, a wholesale provider of undersea fibre-optic capacity. Previous positions include Managing Director of Smile Communications in Kampala Uganda, and Vice President of Regulatory Afrairs at Cox Communications, Inc., Atlanta, GA.

He holds a J.D. (Cum Laude) and a Honours B.A. in International Affairs.

Carey Phillip
Carey Phillip LinkedIn

Dr. Brian Robertson


Brian has over 15 years’ experience in environmental sustainability.

He holds a Honours BA, Political Science and Ibero-American Studies, a Master’s Degree in Social Science and a PhD in Economics, Business, and Jurisprudence having done his thesis on “Climate-change risk-management as it relates to major institutions in the banking and financial sector”.

Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson LinkedIn

Joeri Pross


Joeri is the director of the premier video agency in the blockchain space, Hypercube. Hypercube videos have helped raise hundreds of millions in token sales.

His strength is in marketing, branding and project management. Though the years, he has built an extensive network of contacts in the Bitcoin world.

He has a background in psychiatry, teaching, motion design and lives in The Netherlands, literally next to a windmill. He's married and has 2 daughters.

Joeri Pross
Joeri Pross LinkedIn

Maurice Crespi

Partner, Schindlers Attorneys

Maurice joined Schindlers Attorneys in October 1997 and became a partner in the firm in December 1998.

He is an experienced legal practitioner and a highly experienced litigation attorney with several reported judgments in both the South African Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court.

He regularly provides guidance to boards of public and private companies, and gives lectures on recent developments in commercial law.

Joeri Pross
Maurice Crsspi LinkedIn